Dismissal reminder: please do not park cars in thru traffic

Reminder: During dismissal, please do not park your cars in the thru traffic lanes when waiting for your child(ren.)

Please park in an open parking spot to ensure that we do not block the thru traffic lanes.

If there are no parking spots available, please continue to circle through the parking lot via the thru traffic lanes until your child has been located.

Nominations sought for alumni Wall of Fame

Do you know an alumni who deserves to be honored on the Liberty Wall of Fame? Nominate them!

The district is currently accepting nominations for its Wall of Fame, which the district established to honor outstanding Liberty alumni who have made a lasting contribution to the district.

Nominees will be judged on exceptional accomplishments or significant contributions within their school, community or personal life.

Inductee(s) will have a plaque displayed on the Wall of Fame, located in the David E. Panebaker Auditorium lobby at Liberty High School. The district will recognize the honorees during a special ceremony and breakfast reception prior to graduation in June.

The district will accept nominations until 3 p.m. Jan. 25, 2019.

Nomination forms are available at this link. Paper copies can be picked up at the district office at 115 Buckley St., Liberty. For more information, contact Alyssa Pagano at 845-292-5400 ext. 2055.

Students enjoy new cafeteria tables at LMS

Sorry, Huey Lewis. Contrary to the lyrics, it’s more hip to be round.

Students at Liberty Middle School are enjoying their school’s brand new, round cafeteria tables. The school’s former tables – which were over 20 years old – were showing signs of wear.

The cafeteria now boasts a “café-like” atmosphere with a smoother traffic flow. Each school building now has round tables.

Grades 7-9 have the opportunity to be Invention mentors

Camp Invention, a summer enrichment program offered at schools nationwide, will be held for Liberty students in grades K-6 on Aug. 19-23, 2019 from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Liberty High School. Learn more about the Camp Invention Program in this original post.

The Camp Invention Leaders-in-Training program invites students in grades 7-9 to to participate in Camp Invention in a whole new way.

They’ll guide children through exciting STEM activities during the week of a local camp program, encouraging creativity and hands-on fun while building their leadership and goal-setting abilities.

Joining in the Fun

Leaders-in-Training play an active role in our high-energy camp.

Learning New Skills

They’ll find out what it’s like to be an innovative leader.

A $25 dollar discount is available to those who register before March 22 and use the promo code “INNOVATE25”

Register and find the promotion that’s right for you at this link or by calling 800-968-4332.

LCSD to host Camp Invention for K-6 students Aug. 19-23

Camp Invention, a summer enrichment program offered at schools nationwide, will be held for Liberty students in grades K-6 on Aug. 19-23, 2019 from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Liberty High School.

Unmask your child’s creativity this summer in Camp Invention’s new program, Supercharged, where children build confidence, learn to collaborate and transform their wild imaginations into epic creations.

The program will feature hands-on activities to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning; building resourcefulness and problem-solving skills; and encourages entrepreneurship.

Campers will learn creative problem-solving skills while coding and programming futuristic robots, uncovering ancient fossils, designing high-tech superhero gadgets and exploring radio frequencies.

Liberty Elementary School teacher and MakerSpace facilitator Mrs. Tamika Terry will lead this action-packed program featuring exhilarating, hands-on STEM activities teaching campers to question, explore, break through obstacles and embrace failure!

Each day in this five-day long camp will focus on four modules and their coordinating projects:


Children team up to rebuild ships and design underwater equipment in Deep Sea Mystery.


In DIY Orbot, participants explore circuit boards, motors and gears as they design a remote-control bot to take on obstacles from sports to dance.


Children collaborate with inventor superheroes and take on the role of engineers, fabricators and innovators to conquer villains in Innovation Force.


Kids become successful entrepreneurs in Farm Tech, as they code bots to turn a polluted wasteland into a money-making machine and create devices to save animals.

There is an opportunity for students in grade 7-9 to take part in the camp’s Leaders-in-Training (LIT) program. LITs will gain mentoring and collaboration skills while helping guide campers throughout the week!

A $25 dollar discount is available to those who register before March 22 and use the promo code “INNOVATE25”

Register and find the promotion that’s right for you at this link or by calling 800-968-4332.

Use a promo code to save money

$25 off when you sign up by March 22 using the promo code INNOVATE25

$15 off when you sign up between March 22 and May 19 using the promo code PLAY15FLYER

$25 off when you register two or more siblings using the promo code SIB25AD

A closer look at reciprocal teaching

At Liberty Middle School, many teachers use a technique called reciprocal teaching that’s designed to improve reading comprehension.

Reciprocal teaching is a discussion technique that incorporates four main reading strategies: predicting, questioning, clarifying and summarizing.

The goal, in short, is to prepare students to run their own discussion, taking turns as leaders.

“Students will break down a passage of text together and take turns facilitating the discussion,” sixth-grade teacher Justin Golden said. “Classmates take turns summarizing and asking questions and will work together to clarify confusing ideas and predict what will happen next.”

Using a color coded reference guide on their iPads, students take the lead in their learning – all the while knowing that the answer to a stumped question is just a hand raise away.

During a typical reciprocal teaching discussion, students begin by asking questions. Then, they work together to clarify the meaning of unfamiliar words and summarize the main ideas.  If they come across something they can’t talk out or would like some extra clarification on, Mr. Golden will jump in to instruct.

Ms. Heinle, Murphy recognized for supporting vocabulary initiative

Ms. Heinle and Ms. Murphy have been going above and beyond! They have been recognized for coordinating and disseminating the essential words of the week to support the school’s vocabulary instruction initiative.

They have also  been supporting other staff members with best practices to enhance our implementation of reciprocal teaching. These two strategies are Tier 1 Interventions designed to support all of our students in vocabulary acquisition and reading comprehension. 

Teaching, learning transformed using Bloom’s Taxonomy

Learning in Ms. Thalmann’s class just got three dimensional. Students were proud to present their “Bloom’s Ball” book reports on Monday, Nov. 19.
Not only the were the reports unique, they represented the students’ ability to read, retain, understand and infer complex text.

A Bloom Ball is a type of book report that uses Bloom’s Taxonomy to promote higher level thinking. Bloom’s Taxonomy can be a powerful tool to transform teaching and learning. By design, it focuses attention away from content and instruction, and instead emphasizes the “cognitive events” in the mind of a student.

In short, Bloom’s Taxonomy helps young minds develop as they move through various stages such as retaining information, understanding concepts and applying said concepts to create a hypothesis or write a report.




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