About Us

Liberty Central School District is at the crossroads of the Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley region and ranks among the top school districts in area for academics and fiscal efficiency. Nearly 2,000 students in grades K-12 attend school  on our campuses.

Students in pre-kindergarten through Grade 4 and attend Liberty Elementary, move on to Liberty Middle School for Grades 5-8 and Liberty High School for Grades 9-12.

The mission of the district is to inspire all students to pursue their dreams and to contribute and thrive in a diverse community. School board members, administrators, teachers, support staff, students, and parents all work together to fulfill this mission in tangible, measurable ways.

In partnership with parents and our community, the district strives to provide a comprehensive educational experience that is high quality, challenging and inspires all students to make a positive contribution to society. We partner with local universities, businesses and nonprofit organizations and engaged community leaders whenever possible to prepare our students for college, career and life.

Liberty students have achieved their best performance under the toughest accountability standards in the state’s history. Graduation rates have been increasing and the district has embarked on graduation plans designed to meet the dynamic needs of the 21st century.

We believe that one of the most important ways in which we can help students perform better in the classroom is to provide the nutrition necessary for the healthy growth of their minds and bodies. That’s why the district serves free lunch and breakfast to all students, regardless of income. Over weekends and long breaks, students who experience food insecurity are sent home with a pack full of healthy meals through the district’s Snack Pack Program. 

The Liberty Central School District is a champion for every child and is committed to educating the whole child, offering families a portfolio of rich options and programs to ensure all students have the social, emotional and behavioral support they need to achieve their potential and dreams. Liberty embraces the Community School approach, which recognizes that all children have the potential to meet high expectations in the right environment and that the entire community has the responsibility to provide that environment for all children.

Professional development keeps teachers up-to-date on new research about how children learn, emerging technology tools for the classroom, new curriculum resources and more. We believe effective professional development is an integral part to student success. Conference days are an opportunity for department meetings and professional learning communities to review state-mandated material such as anti-bullying and safety training. School leaders also use the time to share information on the district’s new technology, to introduce new curriculum and teaching practices or to build school culture.

The district has been praised by the State Comptroller for its sound fiscal checks and balances and continually offers a budget that carries a zero tax levy increase.

We believe you will find the Liberty community and school system an excellent environment in which to raise and educate your children. Because your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated, never hesitate to reach out.