By order of the Governor of  New York, public schools, including the Liberty Central School District, will remain CLOSED THROUGH APRIL 14, 2020.

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Frequently Searched Contacts

District Administration

Dr. Augustine E. Tornatore

Dr. Patrick Sullivan
Assistant Superintendent
845-292-5400 ext. 2063

Georgia Gonzalez
School Business Official

Dr. Tim Wade
Director of Student Services
845-292-5400 ext. 5112

845-292-5400 ext. 2331 

Liberty Elementary School

Jacqueline Harris
845-292-5400 ext. 2503

Robert England
Assistant Principal
845-292-5400 ext. 2030

Dr. Jodie Pillius-MacKrell
Dean of Students
845-292-5400 ext. 2030

Liberty Middle School

Heather Cheh
845-292-5400 ext. 2302

April Resnick
Assistant Principal
845-292-5400 ext. 2306

Stacy Feasel
Dean of Students
845-292-5400 ext. 5224

Liberty High School

Derek Adams
845-292-5400 ext. 2005

Tiffane Barrow
Assistant Principal
845-292-5400 ext. 2003

Robert Peters
Interim Assistant Principal
845-292-5400 ext. 2023

Sheila Wormuth
Guidance Director
845-292-5400 ext. 2006