Food Services

One of the most important ways in which we can help our children perform better in their classrooms, is to provide them with the nutrition necessary for the healthy growth of their minds and bodies.

That’s why Liberty Central School District serves free meals – both lunch and breakfast – to all students, regardless of their income status.

Staff and students alike continue to enjoy the benefits of fresh vegetables and fruits in our cafeteria, thanks to our salad bars that feature romaine lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, chicken and beans as well as cheese and bread.

The Food Services Department goes through approximately 160 pounds of lettuce, 100 pounds of grapes, 48 pounds of broccoli florets, 75 pounds of tomatoes and 12 watermelons weekly.

Over weekends and long breaks, students who experience food insecurity are sent home with a pack full of healthy meals through the district’s Snack Pack Program. For more information or to make a donation to the Snack Pack Program, contact

Free Breakfast Procedures


Breakfast as a part of the morning school day is a great way to reach students who do not have the opportunity to eat before school. Every morning*, free breakfast will be served in the classrooms of Liberty Elementary and Middle School and in the cafeteria of Liberty High School.


Nutritious breakfasts and lunches are planned on a weekly and monthly cycle, respectively. They include a hot or cold entrée, juice or fruit, and milk. Menu modifications are available for children with a documented medical condition. Requests for special diets should be initiated with the school nurse. Documentation from a licensed physician may be required. Students are not forced to participate; they do not have to take a meal.

Breakfast in the classroom at Liberty Elementary and Middle School

Breakfast is packed in an insulated rolling bag and are delivered from the cafeteria area by food service staff and taken into each classroom. Placemats are put on each student’s desk. Each food item is placed on each desk. All students are given the opportunity to enjoy breakfast quietly at their desks while the teacher conducts attendance and morning announcements are announced. Dry disposable towels will be available for any spills and moist towels will be available to clean desks. Trash and food bags are removed and collected by food service staff when breakfast is over (10-15 minutes.) Meals will not be available after first period.

Breakfast in the cafeteria at Liberty High School

Breakfast is available in the morning in the cafeteria. All students will be given the opportunity to enjoy breakfast quietly inside the cafeteria before the morning bell rings. Students will be asked to dispose any remaining food or trash before heading to homeroom.

*Breakfast will not be served when there is a delayed opening.

Meal Prices

Pre-k and elementary students

  • Type A Lunch:$2.20
  • Breakfast:$1.10

Middle and high school students

  • Type A Lunch: $2.30
  • Breakfast: $1.10


  • Type A Lunch: $2.50 plus tax
  • Breakfast: $3.75 plus tax