Liberty Central School District is dedicated to preparing students to meet the demands of New York State exams and Regents diplomas, but more importantly, the district is dedicated to educating the whole child and preparing students for successful careers and rewarding lives. Liberty offers a Pre-K-12 program designed to promote the academic and personal development of all students.

The faculty and staff of the Liberty Central School District are dedicated to educating the “whole child” and preparing students for successful careers and rewarding lives.

Liberty offers a Pre-K-12 program designed to promote the academic and personal development of all students, regardless of their abilities or future plans. Our curriculum aligns with New York State Next Generation Learning Standards. Each teacher develops lesson plans for the school year with the option to cover topics at appropriate times.

Educational programs are designed to meet the needs of all students regardless of their abilities or future plans. The elementary classes are reasonably sized to allow staff to provide programs for students in need of remediation, as well as for those who are gifted.

The secondary program is diverse with many offerings, which include extended ranges of academic subjects as well as fine arts, music, business, physical education, technology and Family and Consumer Science. Advanced placement courses such as biology, English, French, Spanish, calculus and U. S. history are taught.

Students in grades 9-12 can join a variety of clubs, such as National Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of America,  Liberty Performing Arts and Yearbook to name only a few. Every student is encouraged to enrich his or her school experience by participating in at least one activity each year.

The district’s education program is supplemented by the outstanding staff and facilities of the Sullivan County BOCES. A broad array of occupational preparation programs are also pursued by Liberty students at the BOCES complex which is less than ten miles away from the district’s campus.

Academic Departments


The art department at Liberty works K-12 to support creativity, collaboration, as well as innovative thought and processes. Its goal is to expand students’ abilities to express themselves and appreciate art and its role throughout human history.

All three schools study and emulate masters in many media while expanding students’ ability to communicate through visual art. In the high school there are two paths of study, the first path involves fine arts, such as ceramics, drawing and painting. The second is taught through the overlapping media path of photography, including advanced photography for college credit, video and graphic arts.

The art department offers students many opportunities in class, in the school and in the community to become accomplished and acknowledged artists.

English Language Arts (ELA)

English Language Arts at the high school level features a vigorous curriculum based on the common core standards. The members of the English department pay very close attention to the modules that have been released by the state education department as a guideline for the lessons that are taught on a daily basis. The department utilizes current technological advances, such as iPads in the classroom and related apps, in order to provide students with information and materials in the most efficient way possible. Close reading, argumentative writing and text analysis are emphasized.

English as a New Language (ENL)

The ELA teachers (grades 5-8) at the middle school teach the common core learning standards through the Engage New York Modules. Teachers focus on instructing Modules 1, 2 and 4 throughout the academic year. Close reading and vocabulary strategies are used by the students when reading informational texts and/or literature. In Grade 5, students are also instructed in guided reading and each student is assigned an iPad in order to complete the reading eSpark program. In writing, all ELA teachers focus on argumentative/opinion writing and text-dependent written responses.

Health and/or Family and Consumer Sciences

Liberty’s Health and Family and Consumer Sciences department offers courses that provide students with real-world learning opportunities. The purpose of the program is to prepare students to be competent, confident and caring in managing their personal, family and work lives.


Mathematics at Liberty High School features numerous challenging courses that are based on the common core curriculum. The members of the math department use the modules provided by the state as a guideline when creating their daily lessons. The math department also offers several electives and college courses. Many students are able to satisfy all the necessary math credits needed for their major when they leave LHS. The members of the department are using technology in their classes to enhance the learning experience, including the use of iPads in every classroom.

LES Math Curriculum Map


Music at Liberty encompasses the entire district from kindergarten to grade 12 and employs seven full-time teachers. The curriculum incorporates the New York State and National Art Standards. General music, ensembles (Band, Chorus, Orchestra) and small group lessons are three main areas of focus. At the high school level a variety of electives are additionally offered.

Through diversified exposure and a rigorous curriculum, it is the mission and expectation of the music department that students become culturally literate, appreciate varied genres and make music a part of their life upon commencement from LCSD.

Physical Education

Our physical education classes concentrate on the total mental, emotional and physical development of our students. This development is attained through grade-level appropriate physical activities that promote sportsmanship, muscular coordination, leadership and the ability to follow others. Students are taught to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses as well as those of their peers.


LIBERTY Middle School

Science at the middle school level involves introducing students to topics that they will be exposed to again with greater depth in high school. Teachers follow the New York State standards in order to best prepare them for the intermediate level science test at the end of eighth grade. Hands-on methods are employed to give students a feel for laboratory work, including some inquiry methods. Additionally, some eighth grade students can take Regents Living Environment, which allows them more opportunity for electives in high school.

LIBERTY High School

Science classes at the high school level feature many challenging courses based on the New York State Science standards and are designed to prepare students for college study. Along with the four regents-level classes and AP Biology, Liberty High School offers several electives for students to learn more about areas where they have a special interest. The members of the department are using technology in their classes to enhance the learning experience.

Social Studies

The primary objective of the social studies program is to prepare students to become thoughtful individuals who function successfully in an increasingly complex, multi-cultural, and changing world. It is our goal to create informed citizens who process information and understand and appreciate backgrounds and cultures different from their own.

Special Education

The Liberty Central School District prides itself on providing appropriate services to students and works to maintain communication between staff and parents.

Universal Pre-Kindergarten

The Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program provides curriculum and activities, 5 days per week, 2 ½ hours per day, which are appropriate to the age-level and individual needs of eligible children and which promote cognitive, linguistic, physical, cultural, emotional and social development.  Activities are learner-centered and are designed and provided in a way that promotes the child’s total growth and development in all areas including English literacy.  Children are encouraged to be self-assured and independent.