Liberty unveils new logos

Liberty Redhawk logo

Liberty Redhawk badge logoAbout a year after deciding on a new mascot for Liberty Central School District, the district has finalized a new Redhawks logo.

The design process began in November, with the district working with Gilday Creative to come up with the initial designs. The designs were brought back to the district’s student liaison teams in all three schools for input. After several rounds of redesign and student input, two basic mascot designs were created: one with a redhawk in flight and another featuring the head of the redhawk in a badge form. Versions of each have been created with the words “Liberty Redhawks” and “Redhawks” included in the designs.

“This truly was a student-led design process,” Superintendent Dr. Patrick Sullivan said. “I appreciate the work and thoughtfulness our student leaders put into the process  to create the imagery that will represent Liberty Central School District and our Redhawks into the future.”

Following a mandate from New York State in November 2022, Liberty was required to move to discontinue the use of its Native American mascot and logo. Following a vote by the public in May 2023, the Board of Education approved the use of Redhawks mascot in June 2023.

The district had unveiled new logos in October, but they were discontinued over any potential legal issues that may have arisen from their use.

The new design will begin being put in use over the next several weeks.