Redhawk logo to be redesigned

The Liberty Central School District has determined that it is not in the district’s interest to use the Redhawk logo design that was previously approved. We will work with a new art and graphic design team to develop new designs for the Redhawk logo.  We recognize that some individuals, organizations and entities may have made purchases of merchandise bearing the previous Redhawks logo. We are considering whether and how to equitably resolve any concerns about such purchases and will provide more details when they are available.

Frequently asked questions

Q.  Has anyone demanded that the district not use the previous Redhawk logo?

A.  No.

Q. Why is the Redhawk logo being changed?

A. To avoid any potential legal concerns that might arise.

Q. Will the district refund out-of-pocket costs for prior purchases of merchandise bearing the discarded mascot/logo?

A. We are working with the district’s legal team to consider whether and how that might be accomplished.

Q. How much money has the district spent on the discarded logo?

A. No significant expenditures have been made, in that we have not used the mascot on signage, sports equipment or sports uniforms. There have been some smaller expenditures, which we estimate to be a total of less than $2,350.

Q. Is the name “Redhawks” going to change?

A. No.

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