Proposed upgrades aim to provide safe, comfortable learning environment

Included in Liberty Central School District’s proposed $42.7 million capital project are vital upgrades to heating, plumbing and electrical systems, building repairs and safety enhancements that are vital to creating a comfortable and safe learning environment for the students and staff. Many of the items below were noted in Liberty’s latest state-required building condition survey, completed in 2022.


In the three school buildings, heating, ventilation and air conditioning are controlled by outdated, inefficient pneumatic systems. A switch to direct digital control allows for more efficient heating and cooling of our buildings.

Proposed work at the elementary school would also replace the classroom unit ventilators and install a ventilation system in the gymnasium. The old steam boiler that provided heat to the entire building will be converted to hot water, a safer and more efficient system.


Emergency generators will be replaced at the middle and high school, as well as in the district office.  The middle and high school are deemed emergency shelters, and the district office houses the servers. New generators will help ensure power will be available to this vital systems if power is disrupted.

Electrical upgrades at the Middle School will help address continual electrical issues with the more than 30-year-old building. The 2000A main electrical distribution panel, damaged by water infiltration, has outlived its useful life and a replacement will allow electricity to be more effectively distributed. Site upgrades at the chiller and transformer feed locations at the middle school will mitigate issues with water infiltration into the building.

Hardwired carbon monoxide alarm systems will also be installed in all district buildings. A hardwired system allows for a more reliable system that doesn’t rely on replacing batteries on a regular basis.

Exterior repairs and upgrades

As part of the project, the elementary building facade near the roof will be repaired for preventative maintenance.

At the high school, exterior stairs to the 100/200 and 300 wings that are in disrepair will be replaced, allowing for a safer entry into the building.

The paths to the athletic fields will also be reconstructed to provide for an ADA compliant and safer route for the public to watch our student athletes perform. And when there, new complaint bleachers will allow all members of the community to display their Liberty pride on safe, accessible seating.

Interior upgrades

At the Elementary School, flooring repairs and replacement will address potential safety concerns. Vinyl asbestos tiles in one classroom are deteriorating. If left undisturbed, the tiles do not cause a hazard, but damaged tiles must be removed and properly mitigated. There are also sections of original wood flooring that are uneven and/or deteriorating that will be repaired or replaced and refinished.

Many people enjoy the view from above in the elementary auditorium. However, the railings are not compliant with ADA regulations. The proposed project would address these issues, making the bleachers above safer or more accessible for all who attend the concerts and programs at the elementary school

At the high school, cafeteria and senior lounge renovations are geared toward making the areas a more social and attractive place to gather. The changes also help make the area safer, offering more supervision in the lounge and creating a single point of entry to the dining area.

In the middle school, 41 interior doors will be replaced, and emergency lighting will be updated, creating a safer and more secure building.

Voting will take place from noon to 9 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 16, in the high school gymnasium, with a snow date of Jan. 17, at the same time and location.

For more information, visit the capital project page on Liberty’s website,, or ask questions at a community forum or via email at