Four earn Excellence in Service awards

Four Liberty Central School District employees were honored by the Board of Education during the Nov. 14 meeting.

Earning Excellence in Service awards were Aeowyn Brust, Keysy Mendez, High School typist Kelli Arpino and District Office typist Mary Kortright.

A woman holding a certificate stands between two men.Aeowyn Brust

Brust, an ESL teacher at the Elementary School, was cited for her support of her fellow teachers and students who are still learning English.

“I have seen her support the many new ELL teachers that have entered in recent years as well as new ELL teachers,” a co-worker said in nominating her for the award. “She is always willing to share advice, collaborate with new and creative ideas and reach out to families.”

Brust does her best to make sure students feel part of the school community.

“She has been instrumental in our ELL population feeling welcome and safe within the Liberty schools. Her insights into a student’s first language crossing over to English learning supports meeting the student where they are,” the nomination read. “This is a huge confidence boost for students and makes her an ideal candidate for this teaching excellence award.”

A woman holding a certificate stands between two men.Keysy Mendez

The positive attitude, flexibility and preparation that Mendez, a teacher aide in a fifth and sixth grade classroom at the Middle School, puts into her work was noted by her co-worker.

“Keysy goes above and beyond every single day. She greets all staff and students with a great smile. Her enthusiastic approach is contagious and inspiring,” her nomination read. “Keysy is an adaptable employee who handles many unexpected schedule changes with ease. Keysy even takes her time to read over the lessons prior to class to ensure she is able to assist the students during the lesson. Keysy is motivated to help in any way she can.”

A woman holding a certificate stands between two men.Kelli Arpino

Co-workers recognized High School typist Arpino’s helpfulness and professionalism in their nominations

“She is so kind and helpful to all students and staff,” read one nomination.

“Kelli is amazing at being able to juggle all of her responsibilities, and still be able to answer teacher’s questions, and help students, with a truly professional and caring demeanor,” read another.

A woman holding a certificate stands between two men.Mary Kortright

Kortright, a District Office typist who will be retiring at the end of the month, was recognized for her hard work and dedication to the district over decades.

“Mary has been dedicated to the Liberty CSD for 28 years,” read one nomination. “Mary is the kind of employee who gets their job done. And done well. All without fanfare and all without complaint.

“In fact when Mary retires later this month, I know we will be amazed at just how much she handles,” the nomination continued. “Mary is kind, competent and a good decent person I have been honored to work along side of.”

We congratulate these employees on their awards.