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<a “facilityuseform_1”>Facility Use

Building and Grounds Permit

<a “foil”>Foil Request

New York State’s Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) allows members of the public to access records of governmental or educational agencies. To make a request, please contact the district clerk at (845) 292-6990. A  representative of the district will respond within seven days. For more information, visit

<a “participationforms_1”>Health and Athletic Participation Forms

Athletic Handbook Sign-off Form

Yellow Card Medical Form

Concussion Policy

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HS Program of Studies
HS Course Descriptions

<a “pr_1”>Plans and Reports

Academic Intervention Services Plan

Safety Plan

District Comprehensive Improvement Plan*

Liberty Elementary School Comprehensive Education Plan*

Liberty Middle School Comprehensive Education Plan*

*These plans showcase our ongoing improvement planning efforts and are required to develop an annual plan that is within the limits of the district’s budget, goals and objectives.

Student Handbooks

Elementary School Handbook

Middle School Handbook

High School Handbook

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Student Registration form

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