Business Office and District Budget

The School Business Official supervises Liberty’s Business Office, which is responsible for accounting, auditing, benefits coordination, capital projects coordination, contract negotiations, facility use coordination, the district census, payroll, purchasing, records management, and safety planning. The business office also supervises Buildings and Grounds, Food Services, and Transportation.

The 2021-22 District Budget

On May 18, 2021, LCSD voters approved a $53,962,992 budget for the 2021-22 school year. The budget was approved by a vote of 252 to 67.

District voters also approved the creation of a capital reserve fund, which may be used to pay the cost of capital improvements, building projects or repairs, with the amount of the fund not to exceed $10,000,000, raised by depositing unexpended fund balances remaining at the end of each school year. This propostion passed by a vote of 257 to  59.

The budget protects the education program without increasing taxes and reflects a 7.23 percent spending increase over the current $50.3 million budget. The budget also calls for for some conservative enhancements, including the expansion of the High School’s makerspace; repairs to track, tennis courts and the LMS/LHS parking lots; and continued investment in the 1:1 technology initiative at the elementary school, ensuring that all children have the tools they need to succeed.

In September, Liberty successfully welcomed students into the elementary, middle and high schools after the March 2020 state order to close buildings through the end of the school year. Facing unprecedented challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, students are back, attending classes in person and remotely.

“Liberty’s students, staff and entire community have faced the challenges of the past year with amazing fortitude, commitment and resilience,” said Dr. Augustine E. Tornatore, Superintendent of Schools. “There are still challenges ahead, but I have every confidence that together we will always make Liberty a great place to learn.”

    2021-22 Budget Snapshot

    • Total Budget: $53,962,992
    • Proposed Budget Change: $3,638,069 (+7.23%)
    • Proposed School Tax Levy: $18,760,162
    • School Tax Levy Change: 0.00 %

    Revenues|2021-22 Budget

    • Property Taxes: $18,760,162
    • State Aid: $31,798,136
    • Fund Balance: $1,608,392
    • Reserves: $0
    • Other: $1,796,302
    • TOTAL: $53,962,992

      Expenditures|2021-22 Budget

      • General Support: $7,144,831
      • Instruction: $26,075,731
      • Pupil Transportation: $3,839,935
      • Employee Benefits: $13,063,403
      • Debt Service $3,333,372
      • Interfund Transfers: $505,721

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      Everything You Need to Know About School Budgets in 60 Seconds

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