Visiting Procedures

To ensure the safety of our students, staff, and visitors, the Liberty Central School District has implemented a single point entry system for all school buildings. This system includes the use of a camera, intercom and buzzer to gain access.

All exterior doors will remain locked and visitor access will only be available through the front door.

Before School Begins

Entry doors, designated by each school, will be opened by a staff member who will supervise the door the entire time it is open, at least 20 minutes prior to the tardy bell.  Students will enter through the doors they are assigned to and proceed to their designated waiting location and/or breakfast to wait until they are dismissed to class.  Once the tardy bell rings, all outside doors will be closed and locked.

During the School Day

All doors will be closed and locked at the time of the tardy bell.  After the tardy bell, visitors and tardy students must request entry into the building at the main entrance by pressing the intercom button.

Students arriving late

Students who arrive after the tardy bell must report directly to the greeter desk to sign in and receive a tardy pass.


After a visitor pushes the intercom button, office personnel will:

  • Request that the visitor shows identification to the intercom camera
  • If the person is here for a student, the office staff will verify via SchoolTool that the visitor is on the student’s contact list
  • Otherwise, the office staff will verify the reason for the visit and verify that they have an appointment.
  • If the visitor does not have an appointment, the greeter will check the availability of the person they wish to visit. If that person is unavailable, the visitor will be advised to make an appointment or come back another time.
  • If the visitor wishes to enter the building, they will move to “Using the Self-Serve Kiosk to Enter the Building.
  • If the person wishes to sign-out a student, the office staff will bring the sign-out sheet out to the vestibule.

Using the Self-Serve Kiosk to Enter the Building

Red self-service visitor kiosk

  • The visitor will go to the self-service kiosk and will scan their license or state-issued identification.  The kiosk will communicate to the office staff whether the visitor is permitted to enter the building.
  • The visitor will be buzzed through the second set of doors to the greeter, who will confirm the purpose for their visit, give them a temporary badge, and have them sign in the visitor’s log.

If Visitor is Unable to Use the Self-Serving Kiosk

  • If the visitor is not able to use the self-serving kiosk due to not having a state issued ID, a school administrator will have to verify that the person is legitimate.
  • Following this, the greeter will confirm the visitor’s information and the person they are picking up or visiting.
  • Then, the visitor will receive a visitor pass to wear while on campus.

After Receiving the Visitor Pass

The person they are meeting will be contacted and respond to the greeter’s desk
All visitors will be accompanied around the school by a school staff member
Before leaving campus, visitors must stop at the front office, sign out and return their visitor pass.

Dropping off an item for a student

When dropping off an item for a student the visitor will:

  • Press the intercom button
  • Show identification to the intercom camera
  • The visitor will be asked what they are dropping off and to whom
  • The greeter will verify that the visitor is on the student’s contact list
  • The visitor will be asked to enter the vestibule
  • The visitor will label the item with the provided labels and place it on the table within the vestibule and the greeter will ensure the visitor leaves the vestibule.

After the School Day

After 2:20 p.m. at the elementary school  and 2:45 p.m. at the middle and high schools, parents/guardians are to wait outside to pick up their child. No student may be signed out between those times and the dismissal of students.  No parents should enter the building during student dismissal..

Visitors who need to enter the building at the end of the day will follow the procedures above.