Surveys to seek feedback about LCSD

Within the next few weeks, all staff, families and students in grades 3-12 will be asked to complete a short, anonymous and confidential survey. The purpose is to provide feedback about perceptions about Liberty’s schools and the learning environment. Results will be summarized for the school in an online report. The goal is to help teachers and staff effectively serve LCSD students.

Liberty Central School District has partnered with Tripod Education Partners and PLC Associates to administer the Data Triangle Surveys for students, families and staff. This survey will be administered from Feb. 12 through March 8. Students will take the survey during class time.

The Data Triangle is aligned to current school improvement research and is designed to:

  • reflect research across comprehensive school improvement, student engagement, leadership and school climate
  • measure internal systems and practices of schools and
  • provide an accurate indicator of student views and their insights on structure, instruction, and learning processes

The core purpose of the Data Triangle is to gather data, both quantitative and qualitative, to help us make informed decisions about the district’s future and plan strategies.

For more information,  reach out to Marianne Serratore, Interim Assistant Superintendent of Schools, at 845-292-5400, ext. 2063.