Superintendent offers update on Strategic Plan

Dear Liberty,

As we close the year, I want to offer an update on the progress of our Five-Year Strategic Plan. The plan was implemented in the 2022-23 school year, and as with any effective plan, it must be reviewed regularly and adjusted accordingly.

In February 2024, a team of administrators, faculty and staff reviewed the progress we have made and set a plan on how to continue moving forward.

I’d like to highlight some accomplishments we have made in each of our four pillars.

  • The first pillar is coherence, which is a shared understanding of our purpose and work. We have made progress in reviewing the data to help us improve our practices. Most importantly, we have created a Professional Learning Plan that gives us a roadmap to better align our professional learning with the Strategic Plan.
  • The next pillar is curriculum, what we teach our students. It is important for students to have a consistent method of learning, which is why we are aligning curriculum across grades and subject matters. That helps students have a clear understanding of the learning goals, which will build year to year. ELA and reading is aligned kindergarten through eighth grades, and Social Studies and Science curriculums are aligned K-6.  Math curriculum is aligned K-6, and the district is expanding the math curriculum to K-7 in 2024-25, with the introduction of algebra for all eighth graders. Work will also continue on implementing full curriculum mapping, setting mastery standards and entry and exit criteria for grade levels, expanding  enrichment opportunities and more.
  • The third pillar is MTSS, or Multi-Tiered System of Supports. MTSS addresses academic as well as social-emotional needs so we can best help our students learn. We continue to have regular K-8 academic screener sessions for math and reading and have implemented the Leader in Me framework for all students. We have also adjusted our monitoring and intervention programs to help our students succeed. Social-emotional learning is a very important part in ensuring a well-rounded education for our students. That is why we implemented the DESSA SEL screener and expanded the use of an SEL screener for all grades. We will continue to use the data to better align MTSS across buildings.
  • Culture is the final pillar of our Strategic Plan. These are the values that impact how our school operates. The mission, vision and beliefs of our district are at the heart of what we do. We have continued to communicate these internally and externally at meetings and forums. We also seek input through surveys and focus groups. We also know it is important that the school is part of the community, which is why we were happy to continue to host our All Things Liberty event in the fall and were pleased to re-introduce the Winter Festival in February.

There are three years left of our Strategic Plan. I am happy with the progress we have seen so far, but we know we still have much work to do. To read more about our Strategic Plan, as well as see updates, visit the Strategic Plan page on our website.

I thank you for all of the support you have shown. If you have any questions, please email


Dr. Patrick Sullivan