My School Bucks FAQs

What is

Although the district waives meal charges for all students, they can purchase extra food items, such as snacks, for a fee. can be used to make online cafeteria account payments using a credit or debit card. Parents can keep track of balances, set limits, view recent purchases in the school cafeteria and add money to their account.

How do I get started?

It’s a simple three-step process:

  1. Register for an account by going to Select New York from the drop-down menu, then Liberty Central School District from the next drop down menu. Enter your information, then create your user name and password.
  2. Add students to your household. You’ll need your  name and date of birth.
  3. Now you’re ready to make payments, view and change account preferences, request notifications, etc.

What if I forget my login ID or password?

On the right of the login page, click “Forgot your Password?”  The system will ask for your login name or your e-mail address. If a match is found, you must answer your security question correctly before you’ll be prompted to enter a new password. If you can’t remember your security answer, you may alternatively choose the option to receive a password reset request by e-mail.

Is my information secure?

Yes. Transaction information is encrypted and sent from your PC to the server via a secure gateway.

How can I request notification via email when my child’s balance is low?

In the left navigation panel, click the “E-mail Preferences” link, then check the box to request low balance notifications and fill in the amount. When your child’s balance goes below that amount, an email  will be sent to the e-mail address in your user profile.

If your child’s balance changes, the email notification is reset to send a new message. You should receive only one notification each time the balance goes below your selected minimum dollar amount. If your child has more than one account, you may receive messages for each account.

Can I request a receipt?

In the left navigation panel, click the “Email Preferences” link, then check the box to request a confirmation receipt via email. Each time you make a payment, a confirmation will be sent.

Can other people make payments on my child’s account?

Yes. Other adults can make payments if they know the child’s name and date of birth. Multiple users can have the same child added to their profile.

Can I see all the payments I’ve made?

In the left navigation panel, click the “My Payment History” link.

How can I see what my child has purchased?

Choose “My Household” from the menu, then click the “View Cafeteria Purchases” link to the right of the child’s name that you are interested in. A list of purchases made in the cafeteria will show.

What methods of payment are accepted?

Payments may be made via Visa, Mastercard or Discover or debit card.

How long does it take for a payment to be added to the account?

Credit card payments are authorized during the order process on, and your credit card account is immediately charged. Payments made with a credit card are collected nightly and will normally show up in the account on the very next school day. However, this can vary depending on how frequently the district posts payments to your child’s school.

Is there a fee for using MySchoolBucks?

A fee of $1 per deposit transaction will be assessed. Parents depositing money into multiple meal accounts will only be assessed the $1 fee once per deposit transaction.

Parents can use as a way to monitor student meal account activity at no cost. You do not have to enter any credit or debit card information to view meal account activity.

What happens if my child changes schools?

If your child changes schools within the Liberty Central School District you can continue using your  account. When the  district updates their enrollment records prior to the start of school MySchoolBucks will also be updated with the new enrollment information.

If you move to an entirely different school district you must create a new user account if the district participates in the service.

Scheduled payments for cafeteria meals always apply to a specific school. When the student transfers to a new school the scheduled payment for the old school is no longer valid and must be canceled. Please set up a new scheduled payment for your child at their new school.

Why is my child’s balance not listed?

Balance information may not be available immediately when your child moves to a new school. The balances are updated around the first day of school.

Why didn’t the balance update when I made my payment?

Payments made through the website transfer to the school site and update your child’s account balance in the school site point-of-sale computer. Once the payment travels to the school site and updates the balance it will transfer back up to the website so you can see the updated balance. Generally this takes two school days.

Who should I contact if my payment didn’t show up at the school?

First, check “My Payment History” to make sure the payment was completed and approved. If the payment appears there, go to “Cafeteria Purchases” and check the student’s purchase history. If the payment shows in the Cafeteria Purchases, it has been successfully received at the child’s school. If not, make sure you have allowed at least 2 school days for the payment to transfer to the school. If the payment does not appear after that, contact the District Treasurer at 845-292-5400 ext. 2053.

How do I set up a scheduled or recurring payment?

Choose “Make A Payment” from the menu. Choose the item to purchase and enter the amount to pay for your child then add the item to the basket. Once the item is in the basket, if recurring payments are enabled you’ll find the option to “Setup A Payment Schedule” just under your child’s name. Click the link to enter your schedule options.

How do I cancel or change a scheduled payment?

To cancel a scheduled payment, choose “View/Edit” on the “My Household” page next to the payment description and choose “Cancel This Order” from the next window. If you wish to change an existing scheduled payment, follow these same steps to cancel it and then create a new one with your new options.

How do I transfer funds between students?

Contact the  District Treasurer at 845-292-5400 ext. 2053 with your request.

I would like my balance refunded. Who do I contact?

Contact the  District Treasurer at 845-292-5400 ext. 2053.