By order of the Governor of  New York, public schools, including the Liberty Central School District, will remain CLOSED THROUGH APRIL 14, 2020.

Cafeteria Menus

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Lunch Menu

This lunch is served in the Elementary, Middle and High school.

March 2020

Monday, March 2

Liberty burger, baked beans

Tuesday, March 3

Chicken patty parmesian, pasta, garlic green beans

Wednesday, March 4

Shepherd’s pie, mashed tater tots with cheese

Thursday, March 5

Macaroni and cheese with choice of toppers, broccoli salad

Friday, March 6

Assorted pizza, sliced cukes, garlic spinache

Monday, March 9

Chicken nuggests, seasosed rice, veggies

Tuesday, March 10

Meatballs in gravy, buttered egg noodles, peas

Wednesday, March 11

Comfort Food Day! Grilled cheese, tomato soup, goldfish crackers

Thursday, March 12

Beef tacos (hard shell), seasoned rice, salsa

Friday, March 13

Assorted pizza, roasted chick peas, tossed salad

Monday, March 16

Tuna salad on a pita, pasta salad, confetti corn

Tuesday, March 17

Chicken pot pie, steamed carrots

Wednesday, March 18

Liberty burger, tator tots, green beans

Thursday, March 19

Chicken fajita, tortilla with rice, refried beans

Friday, March 20

Assorted pizzas, Greek salad, veggie sticks

Monday, March 23

Hot dog, baked beans

Tuesday, March 24

Beef goulash, macaroni, steamed broccoli

Wednesday, March 25

Hot turkey sandwich, mashed potatoes, corn

Thursday, March 26

Hot ham and chedder on a bun, green beans, cole slaw

Friday, March 27

Assorted pizzas,

Monday, March 30

Honey lemon chicken tenders, rice, breadstick, steamed broccoli

Tuesday, March 31

Meatballs with mozzerella, pasta, sauted zucchini

April 2020

Wednesday, April 1

Fish sticks, tator tots, tomato and cucumber salad

Thursday, April 2

Roast turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes, corn and dinner roll

Friday, April 3

Assorted pizza, Ceasar salad, glazed carrots

Monday, April 6

School closed

Tuesday, April 7

School closed

Wednesday, April 8

School closed

Thursday, April 9

School closed

Friday, April 10

School closed

Monday, April 13

School closed

Tuesday, April 14

School closed

Wednesday, April 15

Chicken nuggets, seasoned rice, confetti corns

Thursday, April 16

Liberty burger, baked beans, mixed veggies

Friday, April 17

Assorted pizza, sliced cucumbers, seasoned spinach

Monday, April 20

Bosco sticks, mixed veggies

Tuesday, April 21

Grilled cheese, tomato soup, Ceasar salad

Wednesday, April 22

Fish sandwich, lemon rice, steamed baby carrots

Thursday, April 23

Beef and bean chili, corn bread, baked potato, cucumber salad

Friday, April 24

Assorted pizza, roasted chick peas, tossed salad