In 2022-23, Liberty High School began offering a program that aims to create entrepreneurs out of students. The program is on hold for the 2023-24 school year.

The program, Business INCubator, gives students an opportunity to create and develop a product or service with the potential of turning it into an actual business.

Local entrepreneurs and business owners work as coaches and mentors to guide student teams through the process, from coming up with ideas, to research, to creating a working business plan.

Students work as a team to learn about marketing, accounting and the legal aspects of running a business, while also learning wider ranging skills such as communication, teamwork, presentations and more.

The course culminates in Pitch Week, where student teams will present their business plan to a panel of judges for a chance to win funding and turn their school project into a working business.

Volunteer opportunities

A key component of the INCubator program is giving students a chance to interact and learn from real-world business experts. For this to succeed, LHS needs the support of experienced, professional community business leaders. There are several ways for local business leaders can participate.

Become a coach

  • Coaches work with students in their classes by sharing lectures and activities.
  • Coaches can choose lessons that work with their business expertise. There is a curriculum guide that shows what coaches will teach and how to make the most of their time with students.
  • Coaches work closely with the teacher to ensure they have access to the materials needed for the days they are in class. Every lesson comes with pre-designed presentations and activities that can be tailored to the coach.
  • Coaches can offer virtual or in-person instruction.

Become a mentor

  • Mentors will facilitate learning rather than teach lessons.
  • Mentors will help guide students to find answers themselves.
  • Mentors will meet with students weekly for at least an hour.
  • Mentors can guide students virtually or in-person.

Become a Member of the Board of Advisors (a judge)

  • Judges will offer strategic direction to student teams.
  • Judges will visit the students in the classroom twice during the year.
  • Judges will participate in the MVP Pitch and Final Pitch (Academic and Live competition).

About INCubatoredu

INCubatoredu is a program that offers an authentic entrepreneurship experience as students build a business in this yearlong course. The program provides the curriculum for the class as well as training for teacher and community business leader who are mentors.

We are excited to partner with INCubatoredu to bring this program to Liberty.

Learn more at INCubatoredu is a program by Uncharted Learning, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.