Multi-Tier System of Supports/Academic Intervention Services (MTSS/AIS) are services designed to help students achieve the learning standards in English language arts and mathematics in grades K-12 and social studies and science in grades 4-12. These services include two components:

Additional instruction

Additional instruction means the provision of extra time for focused instruction and/or increased student-teacher instructional contact time designed to help students achieve the learning standards in the standards areas requiring MTSS/AIS.

Student Support Services

Student Support Services are interventions that address barriers to student progress in NYS learning standards areas requiring MTSS/AIS and may include, as needed, school guidance and counseling, services to improve attendance, coordination of services provided by other agencies, and study skills. Support services do not include direct academic instruction.

Barriers to academic progress may include attendance problems, family-related issues, nutrition-related issues, discipline problems, health-related issues and transfer issues.