Family Involvement

Getting Students Engaged

Research shows that when parents and family members are involved in their child’s school life, the student scores higher and achieves a higher level of success in their education. At Liberty Central School District, we prepare students for the future by providing the challenges and opportunities for them to develop strong academic skills, find a meaningful place in the school community, and experience a joy for life-long learning and discovery.

Education is not just about earning a diploma; it’s about graduating with the knowledge and skills necessary for life-long success.

One of our key goals is to create a friendly, welcoming environment for all of our families. We hope that monthly programs, like our welcome back barbecues, literacy nights, art walks, parent workshops and more, will be a great step in building a strong home to school partnership.

We design programs as a way to provide parents and families the opportunity to become full partners in their child’s education. By bringing the most important people in a child’s education–school district staff and their families–together in a collaborative way, we can ensure their success.

Through academic and social support programs, students are given a head start on achieving success. Take time to learn what is happening in your child’s school. Contact your child’s teacher anytime you have a question or concern.

Ways to be Involved at your child’s school

The more you are involved with your child’s education, the more chances your child has for success.  Here are just some of the ways you can be directly involved in your child’s school:  reading with students, small-group activities, special class projects, test monitoring, parent teacher organizations, booster clubs, tutoring, career/special interest speaker, sponsor/chaperone activities or field trips, and classroom, media center or clerical assistance.  If you are willing to share your energy and talents, we have a place for you.