Elementary School Handbook

Dear Liberty Elementary School Community:

We are excited to offer LES students many new learning opportunities that will ensure growth for all students. We promise to work hard to meet the individual needs of every student we serve. All kids count at LES!

Liberty Elementary School is committed to maintaining personal connections with our families. We invite you to become active in your child’s school life by volunteering, joining the PTO, attending school events and tuning into the daily happenings through the school’s website. Research shows that greater connection between home and school can positively influence academic success for children. We believe that communication is essential in creating a successful educational experience, and we will continue to strive to build strong partnerships with our families.

The safety and education of students is what matters most at LES. It is important for all students to come to school on time, attend class regularly, complete all assignments, and behave appropriately. The following pages contain very important information regarding the expectations, policies, and procedures for Liberty Elementary School. Please review and discuss this information as a family so that the children are fully aware of what will be expected of them. Please sign and return the form at the bottom of this page to indicating that you have reviewed and that you understand this information.

Together we can create a great learning experience for children. The faculty, staff and administration at Liberty Elementary School are here to support students. Remember our school-wide PBIS expectations… be responsible, be respectful, be there, be ready and follow directions.

We look forward to an outstanding year for the entire school community! Welcome back!

Jacqueline Harris
Elementary School Principal

Robert England
Elementary School Assistant Principal