LES offering blender bike usage for birthday celebrations

A student rides a bike with a blender attached at the back as a teacher holds the top of the blender and other students wait in line

Liberty Elementary School is offering a new, healthier way for students to celebrate their birthdays in school.

Parents and guardians who would like to have an alternative to unhealthy and expensive cupcakes to help their children celebrate their special day in school may now request the use of a blender bike to make healthy smoothies.

The request should be made at least two weeks in advance to the child’s teacher via a form  sent home with students. The form includes the child’s name, classroom teacher and the requested date of the celebration. Ingredients may be sent in with the student or there are two flavor options, mixed berry or banana/pineapple, available through the school. Requests may be made to use the bike during breakfast, which is free, or at other times during the day, which will cost a dollar per student if ingredients will be provided by the school. Cash or checks made payable to Liberty Central School District should be sent in with the form.  The English version of the form is available here. The Spanish version of the form is available here.

For more information, email LES Sullivan 180 Healthier Generations Advisors Mary Bayer or Alicia Houghtaling at mbeyer@libertyk12.org or ahoughtaling@libertyk12.org