LIBERTY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IS ALL REMOTE. In-person instruction resumes Jan. 27

LIBERTY MIDDLE SCHOOL IS ALL REMOTE. In-person instruction resumes Jan. 25

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Special Programs and Services

Accident Prevention and Safety Procedures

These rules are to ensure the safety of students and employees of the district while on district property. All students and members of the school community must:

  1. Immediately report any conditions involving equipment or buildings that may be dangerous to student or employee health or welfare
  2. Immediately report any unsafe practices by anyone in the building or on the grounds
  3. observe the 5 miles per hour speed limit on school grounds

Character Education

Liberty elementary school works in partnership with parents to maintain a learning and working environment that supports positive student attitudes and the character development of its students. Character development will reflect and reinforce character and civic values such as respect, responsibility, honesty and acceptance. Parents, students and the school community will work together to teach, promote and model ethical behavior. The Liberty Central School District will reflect and reinforce positive character traits that embody community values and promote principles of fairness and justice.

Student Support Team/Response to Intervention

Consists of Administrator, Guidance Counselor, Intervention Specialists, School Psychologist, and School Social Worker. The team meets on one of the six days in a cycle to discuss students identified by school personnel as having difficulty functioning within our school system. Emergencies receive immediate attention. The goal is to provide interventions that will promote student progress and achievement.

Promotion and Retention

Decisions in regard to promotion/retention will be made in keeping with the best interests of the individual students. No later than the end of the second trimester, parents will be notified by the teacher if promotion seems questionable. In such cases, every effort will be made to focus attention on the child’s deficiencies so promotion is more likely. In some instances, summer school attendance, as well as attaining certain reading levels, may be prerequisites for promotion. Teacher and parent input will be sought before the Principal makes a final decision concerning promotion or retention.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s academic progress, please call your child’s teacher for a conference.

School Psychologist

If a student or parent feels their child should meet or talk with a school psychologist, they should first discuss it with a Guidance counselor or an administrator. If it is an emergency, the child or parent should contact the administration.