Guidance Departments

The district is proud to provide a comprehensive guidance counseling program for all students. Developmentally appropriate activities are provided for students at each grade level by a professional and committed staff. Topics include strategies and supports for academic success, social and emotional supports for students, career exploration and future planning and crisis intervention and response.

School guidance counselors are certified educators trained to provide a range of assistance to all students. Counselors in the middle and high school are assigned to students by last name, allowing them to establish closer relationships with students, administrators and faculty members. They work to encourage student academic achievement and promote a safe and positive learning environment. In addition to assisting with course selection and academic direction, they also help implement anti-bullying and other intervention programs that impact the entire school.

Our counselors have an appreciation for the dignity and worth of each student they encounter. We advocate a philosophy of acceptance and compassion for all by inspiring our school communities to create an environment of self- discovery.

Counselors at the elementary school work with students, parents and teachers to ensure that academic, social and developmental needs are met. They meet with students individually and visit classrooms to observe learning and socialization. Guidance counselors at the middle and high school provide individual and group assistance with scheduling and career planning and are skilled at post-graduate planning for all students.