Guidance Department

All students in grades 5-8 will be assigned a school counselor.  The counselor will meet with each student a minimum of one time during the school year to review schoolwork, peer relationships and the general well-being of the student.  The school counselor is also available to assist students and families with any personal, social or emotional issue that may arise.  The counselors have an array of programs, services and referral information available for students and families.

Guidance counselors at the Liberty Middle School work collaboratively with students, parents, teachers and other professionals in order to guarantee a successful middle school experience for our students and ensure success in academic, social/emotional, behavioral and personal development.

Guidance counselors are New York State certified professionals whose role is to identify and address student needs through the use of a comprehensive school counseling program geared towards student success. In addition, guidance counselors serve as an important source of information, resources and referrals. Students and parents are encouraged to contact their guidance counselor for assistance and to discuss any concerns that they may have.

Guidance counselors provide support in many areas, including:

  • Fostering positive peer relationships
  • Encouraging appropriate decision making skills
  • Providing communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Assisting with coping strategies and problem solving
  • Encouraging self awareness and acceptance
  • Teaching organizational and time management skills
  • Reinforcing academic support skills
  • Providing crisis intervention for students
  • Acting as a liaison between school and home

Counseling Services

Group Counseling

Group counseling provides a unique learning opportunity for students that can help them develop strategies and coping skills to better handle problems they may encounter at school or at home. The groups are facilitated by counselors and allow students the opportunity to discuss issues affecting them with their peers in a safe environment. Groups are based on students’ interests and concerns and include:

  • Family changes (separation, divorce, remarriage)
  • Social skills and friendship
  • Academic success skills
  • Choices and decision-making

Individual Counseling

Meeting individually with a guidance counselor is an option for every student. Counselors can offer insight and assistance to students in areas related to academic concerns, friends, school, and family. Counselors send out passes to meet with all students periodically throughout the year. However, if a problem arises, don’t wait for a pass! Come to the guidance office and make an appointment to speak with your counselor. Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s guidance counselor at any time to discuss their concerns and to request their child have an appointment with their counselor.

Peer Mediation

Peer mediation is a great way for students to resolve their conflict with fellow peers. The peer mediators are students who have applied to become a mediator and have taken the peer mediation training. Peer mediators work in pairs to help fellow students resolve their conflict peacefully. During peer mediation, a guidance counselor is always present. Everything said in mediation is kept confidential. To arrange a mediation, please visit the guidance office for a mediation request form.

Schedule an appointment

The counseling staff welcomes conferences with students, parents and teachers.  For the most efficient and effective service we ask that you make an appointment in advance to see your child(ren)’s assigned counselor.  Exceptions will be made for emergency and crisis situations.  Please call (845) 292-5400 ext. 2306 or stop by the guidance office to schedule an appointment.