High School Extracurricular Activities

Below is a list of extracurricular activities that are available in the high school. Some activities may not be sponsored every year. Members of these organizations must complete a grade tracker to participate in the organization. Some activities have their own webpage which can be accessed by clicking on the heading for that activity.

Student Council

Student Council webpage

The Council serves the student body while allowing them to engage in the democratic process.  The mission of the council is to serve the community, act as liaison to the student body and administration and serve as leaders within their school building.

Allusions – The Literary Magazine

Allusions is the annual literary magazine which collects poetry, creative works, and art. These works are compiled in the annual magazine. The magazine is edited and published by the students in the club.

Art Club

The Art club is open to all students in grades 9-12 who are interested in the many disciplines that are called art. Students have the opportunity to peruse their interests under the guidance of an experienced art teacher.

Athletes Against Substance Abuse

AASA meets on a regular basis to talk about being positive leaders in the school. Members are involved in many activities including sports. They promise to stay drug and alcohol free. Athletes often visit the elementary and middle schools to spend time with the students there. They play interactive games and talk about decision making, high school, sports, and staying substance abuse-free.

Debate Club/Forensics

Students in debate learn proper debating procedures, hone research skills, and discuss topics of interest. Other activities include local debate competitions, current issue discussions and pair debates. Depending upon group interest, students may also participate in mock trial competitions.

DJ Club

The club was developed as a way to:

1) allow more frequent dances at both the middle and high schools
2) reduce the cost of admission to dances
3) help establish dances as viable fundraisers while still holding admission prices low

Students learn to set up the equipment, use the sound and lighting equipment, learn public speaking to motivate and control large groups. The student body also has a chance to participate in the musical selection.

As new purchases are necessary, students will be involved in the decision making involved in those purchases.

Go Green

Go Green seeks to raise the awareness of the school community for the environment. Our mission is to be responsible for weekly collection and removal of all paper and containers (plastic and metal) from all classrooms and offices in the high school.  Club members bundle the paper, bag the containers, and take them all out to the recycling shed.


INTERACT is the youth group affiliated with Liberty Rotary and Rotary International. Members provide service to the school and local community.

Libertas – The Yearbook

The purpose of Libertas is to create the school yearbook and document school activities during the year. Libertas is entirely produced by students  – from pictures to the copy.

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team meets once a month with the Monticello Team to work on leadership skills that can be used at their schools. In the past, the Leadership Team has made videos on important topics affecting students. The videos have been presented to the incoming ninth graders for the last four years.

Liberty Performing Arts

Liberty Performing Arts gives high school and middle school students a chance to learn about the performing arts and to participate in various stage productions. The fall production is usually a play; the spring production is usually a musical.

National Art Honor Society

Students taking an art course and having a 90 or above average in the course are eligible to participate in unusual projects and community art events.

National Honor Society

The GPA required for eligibility is 90 percent. Those students who are eligible receive a letter from the chapter president, induction process information and a student activity form. The candidate has two weeks to complete the student activity form.

The Faculty Selection Committee evaluates the application with input from the faculty in general. The applicants are informed by letter of the results of the evaluation. The Induction Ceremony follows in one or two weeks. Evaluation of the application is based on the four pillars of scholarship, character, leadership and service. Specific criteria are listed below:


Scholarship is based on the cumulative grade point average of 90 percent. If students meet this criterion, they are then eligible for consideration on the basis of service, leadership, and character.

Photo Club

Students who enjoy photography or who want to learn more about it are encouraged to join. Photographers of all levels will be accommodated. Techniques will show how photography can be elevated to an artform.

Science Olympiad

Each year a dedicated group of students meets to practice for the Science Olympiad, a competition held each spring. Students may build structures or machines to use in the competition or study concepts that may be included in a quiz during the contest. They also learn how to think quickly and adapt so that they can participate in the challenging events at the Olympiad.

Students Against Destructive Decisions

The mission of SADD is to provide students with the best prevention tools possible to deal with issues of underage drinking, other drug use, impaired driving, and other destructive decisions. Liberty SADD strives to achieve this mission by working in positive ways to help provide the community with awareness for all ages.