Board Goals

2015 – 2018 Board Goals

The Liberty Central School District Board of Education has set goals and priorities to help measure district success in relation to meeting community and state education standards. The following goals are divided into four categories (program, data, technology, fiscal) and serve as a guide for the board’s decision-making process throughout the school years.


Long Range Goal: Student Achievement

Increase the graduation rate dramatically by creating a supportive and positive learning environment and by developing intervention programs and strategies to identify and assist at-risk students in grades Pre K-12 while providing a rigorous core curriculum tied to state standards, enrichment and acceleration opportunities for all students.


  • Develop and implement intervention strategies that assist at-risk students and provide pathways to become successful and deter dropping-out.
  • Implement school-wide strategies to reduce bullying and create a safe, supportive learning environment.


Long Range Goal: Student Achievement

Increase student achievement and teacher success through the collection and use of data to drive improvements in instruction, student performance and the overall quality of the educational system within Liberty Central School District.


  • Monitor leading indicators in areas students are prone to become at-risk to develop an early warning detection system.
  • Properly train administrators and teachers on the collection, compiling, distribution and interpretation of data.
  • Develop district data team, building data teams, grade level and departmental data teams.
  • Provide administrators and teaching staff time to have meaningful conversations about data-driven instruction (DDI) and how to utilize data to improve student performance.


Long Range Goal: Educational Instruction and Program

Increase student achievement by aligning course curricula to the Common Core or approved state standards and integrating technology in the classroom to help foster the growth of 21st-century skills in grades Pre K-12.


  • Provide professional development opportunities to fully train teachers in the Common Core and related curriculum and instructional shifts.
  • All administrators and teachers will become proficient in integrating technology in the classroom and learn new and/or innovative methods to support student learning.
  • Provide STEM programs, enrichment, acceleration, and interdisciplinary learning opportunities for students in core and non-core areas.


Long Range Goal: Fiscal Responsibility

The Board of Education will ensure that the Liberty Central School District is fiscally sound and will responsibly support the goals and priorities of the district.


  • Explore innovative cost saving measures while maintaining quality educational programs for all of our students.
  • Complete planning and construction of Phase II high school renovation project and second EPC.
  • Complete 2015 Building Condition Survey, review, and initiate discussions for Phase III of the building renovation project to complete the district’s long-range facilities plan
  • Develop a 5-year plan for the district.