A message from the superintendent about worldwide conflicts

Dear Liberty Central School Community,

Here at Liberty, we pride ourselves on our efforts to help our students thrive in a diverse, global community. We are acutely aware of the devastating wars in Israel and Gaza, as well as other conflicts around the world.

While most of our community may not have friends or relatives directly impacted by the violence in the Middle East and other global conflicts, we all grieve for those who have lost loved ones or are experiencing the trauma of war.

Fear, anxiety and worry in times of crisis is common. We encourage children to connect with a trusted adult at home or school and ask families to notify us if their child is impacted by the events so that we can support them.

Because Hamas has said they will use social media to circulate messages of violence, we encourage parents and guardians to monitor their children’s social media usage.

The National Association of School Psychologists also offers two valuable resources for those looking for guidance on ways to address war and conflict with children: Talking to Children About Violence and Helping Children Cope With Terrorism.

Please know Liberty Central School District is here to provide a safe, supportive and caring environment for all members of our school community, especially during difficult times.

Dr. Patrick Sullivan

Superintendent of Schools