Yes, there will be snow days (If we get a lot of snow)

A lot of things about the 2020-21 school year are different, but at least one thing is going to stay exactly the same: Snow days!

Here at the Liberty Central School District, snow days will still mean the cancellation of classes. So stay in your jammies, play in the snow, drink hot chocolate and take a break from the screen.

While we’ve certainly discovered that it’s possible to deliver instruction to our students at home, storms and severe weather can also mean that many of our families experience power outages and interference with internet connectivity. That’s just one of the reasons we’ve decided to continue with our traditional snow day policy. The other is that even though we all love learning and teaching, snow days are one of the best parts of winter.

In the event of a weather-related school closure, the district will alert our families via our school messaging system (a “robocall”), usually before 6 a.m. The closure will also be posted to the LCSD website at and will be broadcast by local radio and television stations.

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