What’s the difference between half day and full day Pre-K?

Many parents and guardians may wonder which is better: full day Pre-K or half day Pre-K.  The answer is “neither.” There is a difference and that difference is in the length of the day.  The full day Pre-K program offers students more time to socialize with friends at school. It’s not the length of the day, but the experience itself that matters for your Pre-K child.  At Liberty Elementary School, we strive to provide all Pre-K students with a high quality Pre-K experience that is focused on social interaction and language development.

Students in the full and half day Pre-K programs receive the same opportunities for instruction through daily structured play.  All Pre-K children engage in a variety of well-designed social activities such as literacy learning centers, construction sites, science exploration and experiments, dramatic play, songs, games, movement and interactive applications on classroom technology.  Students interact and speak with their peers and teachers throughout their day, which helps promote language strong language skills.

One of the top priorities of Pre-K is to engage students in language usage.  Whether a child is enrolled in a full day or half day program, parents and/or guardians can help at home by engaging their child in conversation.  Every moment of the day is an opportunity to notice everything around you, ask and answer questions and facilitate learning!