Welcome new teachers and staff

New and familiar faces will fill the halls of the Liberty Central School District on Monday, Sept. 11. We would like to welcome the following new faculty and staff members:

1. Benjamin Abrams (Special Education, LMS)
2. Rachel Bayer (Kindergarten, LES)
3. Heather Cheh (Assistant Principal, LHS)
4. Demi Cruz (English as a Second Language, LMS)
5. Michelle Feely (Grade 4, LES)
6. Joseph Franke (Grade 5, LMS)
7. Justin Golden (Grade 6, LMS)
8. Kathleen Hand (Grade 3, LES)
9. Maxine Hoffman (Grade 1, LES)
10. Colleen Lynch (English as a Second Language, LES)
11. Mikaela Milk (Grade 6, LMS)
12. Kelly O’Donnell (Special Education, LHS)
13. Taiya Negron (Spanish, LHS)
14. Tim Powers (Social Worker, LES)
15. Rebecca Rielly (Nurse, LES)
16. Nikolas Seger (Music, LES)
17. Gregg Taylor (Science, LMS)