Volunteer opportunities available for Business INCubator class

Liberty High School’s Business INCubator class is underway, and there are still opportunities for local business leaders to share their knowledge and skills with the class.

The course gives students an opportunity to create and develop a product or service with the potential of turning it into an actual business.

A key component of the INCubator program is giving students a chance to interact and learn from real-world business experts. For this to succeed, LHS needs the support of experienced, professional community business leaders. There are several ways for local business leaders can participate.

Volunteer Roles


  • Teach in the classroom
  • Subject matter expert lending skills to teach specific portion of the curriculum
  • In-class teaching for length of the module, about 2-5 days


  • Offer the student team strategic guidance and wisdom
  • Weekly communication with the team is encouraged
  • Mentor and student team begin working together from Unit 2 through Unit 8, class culmination (Late September-May)

Board of Advisors/Directors

  • Offer teams strategic evaluation at Pitch events
  • Two in-class events – MVP Pitch & Final Pitch

Foundation Volunteer

  • Financial Support

If you are interested, please fill out this form. For more information, email dhart@libertyk12.org or call Dan Hart at 845-292-5400, ext. 6432.