Updated student expectations for virtual learning begin Nov. 5

Our students and teachers are becoming experts at virtual learning, and we’re proud of how everyone has adapted and adjusted to this new way of attending classes.

To make the learning experience even better, we’ve updated the Student Expectations for Virtual Learning. These new protocols go into effect Thursday, Nov. 5.

Student Expectations for Virtual Learning

  • Students are expected to show their video and be visible for every class unless otherwise indicated by their teacher. Find directions for How to Blur Your Background here
  • Students cannot enter a class’ virtual session until the scheduled time and must exit once the period is over (or as soon as the teacher ends the session).
  • Students should not attend a virtual session in a private location (i.e. bedroom).
  • Sessions may not be recorded.
  • Class sessions are for students, not family and friends.
  • Students are to stay on mute until the teacher directs them to unmute.
  • Students are to be prepared as if they are physically present.
  • Students are to stay engaged, be an active listener, and contribute.
  • Students are to be respectful in all chats and other types of digital correspondence.
  • Chat should be used for school based language/conversation only.
  • Students are to be respectful during class. Listen to the teacher and your classmates.
  • Students are to use the virtual class sessions to learn new materials, revisit assignments and ask for help.
  • If a student witnesses a classmate not meeting an expectation, they are to notify the teacher immediately.
  • Students are to follow the Code of Conduct as if they are in school.
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