Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Teachers visit Mercy College

Six students stand in front of a Mercy College sign
From left to right, Liberty High School students Sophia Medina, Abigail Simmons, Destiny Pearson, Charlee Henley (a LHS 2019 graduate and currently a Mercy College student), Gabriella Fontana, and Leah Fitzgerald.

Members of Liberty’s Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Teachers (TSTT) visited Mercy College on Nov. 5, where they met with faculty and other TSTT students from the region.

TSTT is a career development and mentoring program that recruits and trains students for college, and later, a career in teaching. TSTT mentors these students by preparing them with effective leadership skills while still in high school.

The program is part of a school initiative that supports and
mentors students who would like to pursue a career in education.
The program helps to identify, recruit, and mentor current Liberty High School students who after college may return to Liberty classrooms as teachers and school leaders.

A woman and five students at a lunch table
Mary Ellen Hoffman, Associate Dean of the School of Education at Mercy College, spoke with Liberty students at lunch to share advice and answer their questions.

TSTT serves more than 300 high school students and over 300
college students  from nearly 50 high schools in New York, Connecticut,  Virginia and Massachusetts.

Additionally, TSTT students can qualify for a minimum 50 percent
tuition scholarship from its partner colleges.

Students are expected to attain a B+ average by their senior year, volunteer for two hours a week as a tutor and volunteer for 20 hours in the summer.

TSTT program features include:

  • Career development workshops
  • Teaching with Technology conferences
  • Teacher mentors
  • Tutor training
  • Job shadowing
  • College guidance and visits
  • SAT preparation
  • Summer internships
  • College and career counseling assistance

TSTT members meet regularly in the high school and may take part
in excursions such as college visits, career and leadership
based workshops, and conferences. Soon they will begin weekly
tutoring sessions with middle school students and students who
speak English as a second language.

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