This is Hard: Liberty’s Counselors are here for you

These recent weeks have been difficult ones for everyone.  The time is unprecedented, the demands often overwhelming, and the unknowns equally as unsettling. The School Counselors, Social Workers, and School Psychologists want to remind you that we are here for you and always available to provide social and emotional support and resources.

If you are struggling with stress or anxiety, simply want to talk or ‘see’ a supportive face, please email us and we will set up a phone call or time to meet face-to-face over Google Hangout so that we can provide appropriate resources to you. 

Scroll this post and you’ll find contact information for counselors in the elementary, middle and highs schools along with the phone numbers for several hotlines.

We know this is tough, but we can get through it together.

With Liberty Pride,

  • Dr. Timothy Wade, Director of Student Services: 292-5400, ext. 5112
  • Ms. Sheila Wormuth,Director of Guidance: 292-5400, ext. 2034

Liberty Elementary School

  • Alanna Newman, Social Worker: 845-747-0781
  • Mary Bayer, School Psychologist: 292-5400, ext. 2523
  • Jim O’Connor, School Counselor: 292-5400, ext. 3251

Liberty Middle School

  • Michelle Behrman, School Counselor 5/6: : 292-5400, ext. 2310
  • Linda Krokus, School Counselor 7/8: 292-5400, ext. 2110
  • Jill Buday, School Psychologist: 292-5400, ext. 2027
  • Lynne Diener, Social Worker: 845-391-2758

Liberty High School

  • Kellie While, School Counselor A-F: 292-5400, ext. 2009
  • Meaghan Hazen, School Counselor G-O: 292-5400, ext. 2007
  • Kellie White, School Counselor P-Z: 292-5400, ext. 2010
  • Amy Dworetsky, School Psychologist: 292-5400, ext. 2321

24 Hour Mobile Mental Health

  • 845-790-0911
  • 800-710-7083

Children’s Crisis Outreach

  • 845-701-3777

NYS COVID-19 Mental Health Hotline

  • 844-863-9314