Third-graders hear about clean water in Haiti

A wonderful morning was spent with Gift of Water Director Lamothe
Paul Lormier, who addressed over 120 third-graders on the
importance of having clean water in the world on Thursday, May 12
in the Liberty Elementary cafeteria.

Lamothe is from Haiti and has participated with the Liberty Rotary
Club’s Haiti Clean Water Project.

Together, he and Rotary member Mr. Gary Siegel discussed and
showed a power point presentation asking Where in the world is
Haiti? and Why don’t they have clean water like us?

Students had the chance to taste the water that was purified from
a simple purifier that was displayed by Mr. Siegel. Lamothe let
students know that one purifier purifies water for five Haitian

This presentation connected with the Third Grade Module Unit of
Study on the Importance of Clean Water and was organized by
reading and writing teacher Mrs. Jodi Fiddle- Lieberman.

Liberty Elementary School’s third-grade students are now
campaigning to make a change for clean water. They are requesting
others to drop their change in cans throughout the building. The
change will be collected and donated to Lamothe to aid his
organization to bring more filters to families in Haiti.

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