The Music Department’s annual discount card sale is happening now!

The Liberty Central School District Music Department has officially kicked off its annual discount card sale.

Discount cards can be purchased online at Ultimate Fundraising and will be delivered to your address. Liberty, Monticello and Middletown cards are available.

Cards are $12 each; Buy five cards/get one free.

Here’s how to purchase:

  • Visit the Ultimate Fundraising website
  • Add your email address and click the “DONATE” button
  • Ignore the money boxes unless you want to donate without purchasing cards or would like to add a donation amount to your order.
  • Calculate the number of cards you need and multiply by $12.
  • Click  on “OTHER” and type in your total purchase amount.  You will see a box that will let you add money to your order as a donation. Just click “other” and nothing will be added to your total.
  • Add your email and click next.
  • Pay by credit card, debit card or paypal.  In the “add a message” box is where you note the card you want.  Example:  10 Liberty, 5 Monticello, 2 Middletown. This is also where you will list which free card(s)  you want.
  • CLICK the “MAKE MY DONATION ANONYMOUS” box. This will prevent others from seeing your address.