Support for students witnessing CPR incident

A referee at Liberty High School collapsed during the junior
varsity soccer game on Friday, Oct. 2. A coach immediately called
911 while a bystander and another official performed CPR and continued chest compressions until paramedics arrived. The referee was then
transported by ambulance to Orange Regional Medical Center and has
since been transferred to another hospital for further treatment.

“While we applaud the quick responses of bystanders that helped
ensure prompt medical attention, we also know that witnessing
something like this can be traumatic for students. So we’re making
sure they have someone to talk to if they need support. Students
or their parents may request a meeting with any of our school
guidance counselors who are ready to help if needed,” said
Middle/High School Principal Jack Strassman.

For more information, please contact Liberty Middle/High School
Guidance Director Molly Messina by e-mail or phone at
845-292-5400 ext. 2006.

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