Summer Sports Workouts

This page will provide workouts for different teams throughout the summer months. Currently, New York State has not provided any information concerning how interscholastic sports will be conducted for the fall season. Check this post for more information as it becomes available.

Boys Soccer

-For all boys entering grades 7 through 12 this fall.

-The Boys’ Soccer coaching staff remains hopeful that we will play fall soccer, though it may have a different look than in previous years.  We continue to get updates from the New York State Athletic Association though at this time we continue to be ‘on hold’ for summer conditioning, practices, and play.

-Though we are not permitted to get together to train or use the school facilities in groups yet, we encourage you to train on your own to prepare for fall.

-RUN! – do sprints, quick directional changes, run backwards, run for distance.  Remember during a soccer game you can run miles, so start to get in shape now.

-Do plyometric workouts- wall jumps, quick feet, lunges (forward and back), squat jumps, and inline skating side to side jumps.  Do sit-ups and pushups- use a ball to challenge your pushups.

-Use a soccer ball to dribble with your right and left foot, do fast footwork and direction changes, and run for speed with control.  If you have space, do some shooting.

-Be creative.  Use whatever space and equipment you may have.  If you don’t have a soccer ball, use a playground ball or a small ball!

We will update you with any new information we receive and let you know how we will proceed as restrictions for school sports are lifted.  Please continue to be safe and remain healthy using social distancing and masks.  Be smart!

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