Students speak at SC BOE annual dinner

On Monday, Nov. 30, two seniors from Liberty High School, Danielle
Rabadi and Gillian Williams attended the Sullivan County School
Board Association annual late fall dinner to speak about what
learning looks like at Liberty Central School District.

The dinner, held at Monticello Central School District, was open
to all superintendents, principals and board members from every
school district in Sullivan County.

Students from each district were selected and asked to present a
speech that discusses his or her experiences at school and how
those experiences helped mold them into the young adults they are

“Life at Liberty has allowed me to develop leadership skills
needed to further friendships and success in college and beyond,”
said Danielle.

In her speech, Danielle talked about how a stronger focus on
academics can improve upon the foundation that the district has
built, while Gillian focused on the ways that Liberty’s teachers
and course offerings have prepared her and her friends for

“I spoke to several alumni while preparing my speech,” she said.
“We all agree that our years at Liberty prepared us for life after
high school. I feel ready for college.”

“It was a special evening,” said Liberty Middle/High School
Principal Jack Strassman. “It was great to hear a variety of
students talk about the strengths of schools in Sullivan County.”

Visit the
district’s Facebook page
for a preview of Danielle and
Gillian’s speeches.

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