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Students personalize learning with letter to BrainPOP

As they wrapped up their curriculum unit on the Iroquois Confederacy, students from Ms. Kaitlyn Melcher’s fourth-grade class were motivated to provide feedback to the BrainPOP scriptwriters in regards to their video lesson on the Iroquois.

BrainPOP is an educational website known for its informative and interactive videos across all learning subjects, explained Ms. Melcher, who often uses their videos as an “introductory kick-off” to a lesson.

After watching the video and working their way through the complete curriculum – a blend of modern and traditional teaching materials – students identified some holes that could be filled by BrainPOP.

Their general consensus?  While the video was informative, there was information they gleaned from other resources like text and discussion.

Not only does it show that [the students] retained the information, it demonstrates that their new knowledge empowered them to provide feedback to BrainPOP,” said Ms. Melcher. “What’s more, their letters resulted in tangible feedback: the scriptwriters from BrainPOP are going to take their suggestions under advisement when they edit the script next year.”

Like Ms. Melcher, teachers district-wide are working their way through the SAMR Model.

Developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura, the SAMR Model aims to guide teachers in integrating technology into their classrooms. It consists of four steps: Substitution (S), Augmentation (A), Modification (M), and Redefinition (R). As a district, our goal is have every classroom reach the redefinition stage, where both educators and students have personalized their experiences with technology to enhance teaching and learning.

For more information about SAMR, press play on the video below: SAMR in 120 seconds.

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