Students compete in Ron Francisco Tournament

Students from Liberty High School celebrated good sportsmanship and Liberty legacy at the school’s annual ping pong and badminton tournament on Tuesday, Feb. 28.

The tournament, hosted by the high school’s athletic department, is an annual fundraiser for the Ron Francisco Scholarship that is given every year to the student who best embodies a true sense of sportsmanship.

“Ron Francisco was a Liberty physical education teacher who embodied the spirit of physical education,” physical education teacher Erin Alvord said. “He appreciated the well-rounded student who gave his or her best effort, demonstrated empathy as well as sportsmanship.”

The Ron Francisco Scholarship given to a student-athlete who demonstrates these qualities and served as captain of his/her team for at least one season. Athletic ability aside, this scholarship is given to someone who respects physical education and takes it seriously, explained Alvord.

Just like in prior years, the tournament was a great success. There were over 60 participants in total.

According to Mrs. Alvord, all of the students who participated demonstrated great behavior, sportsmanship and skill. “It was a great afternoon to be in the gymnasium,” she said.

The final ping pong game came down to Junior Vincent Henry and Senior Jeremy Lieberman. In the end, Jeremy Lieberman was named the ping pong champion.

The badminton championship game was an intense matchup between Seniors Carter Harman and Chris Bitjeman and Seniors Eric Fuentes and Elvis Fuentes.

Mrs. Alvord said the match was “…intense, full of skill and so much fun to watch.” The badminton game went into extra points and in the end Chris and Carter became the champions, 25-23.

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