Staff members receive awards for service

Over 50 employees were honored during a Superintendent’s Conference
Day on Wednesday, Sept. 2. Employees with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30+
years of service at Liberty Central School District were honored
with a pin. Read on for the full list of names and number of years

5 Year Pins
Cielo Canola
Regina Pegg
Colleen Tenbus
Laura Riddick
Liz Fuentes

10 Year Pins
Celia Caldora
Tony Sinacore
Rebecca VanKeuren
Kevin Ferguson
Tracey Magie
Jill Parks
Joanne Smith
Rachel Countryman
Colleen Rodriguez
Matt Stoddard
Kristine Kratz

15 Year Pins
Debbie Rusin
Cathy Clifford
Carol Dellapenta
Jen Eisenberg
Stacy Feasel
Deborah Hess-Colao
Robbi Phillips
Mike King
Diane Franke
Mary Chanov-Vaghela
Kort Wheeler
Bernadette Hofsommer
Debbie Bierstine
Paul Minto
Don Sherwood

20 Year Pins
Sherry Fisk
Jill Weiner
Erin Poley-Gorr
Melinda (Mindy) Wegener
Lynda Cohen
Mary Kortright
Jack Strassman
Darlene Card
Sandy Klein
Maureen Stabak
Audrey Woolard

25 Year Pins
Linda Argentati
Michelle Quick
Tracie Euker
Crystal Kirchner

30 year pins
Gene Madsen
Nancy Mohrman
Cathy Wilhelm
Hazel Ackerley

Special mention for over 30 years of

Mike Vreeland (31 years)
Sharyn Fogelman (31 years)
Robin Sostak (32 years)
Leanne Mangabang (33 years)
Jill Dunnigan (37 years)
Dotty Davidson (42 years)

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