Spanish classroom uses eBook technology

With an influx of technology into classrooms, teaching has undergone
a major change. From traditional lectures, classrooms have shifted
to technologically driven interactive sessions. In Liberty Middle
School, students from Señora Cielo Canola’s Spanish class use a
series of eTextbooks called “Voces,” which means ‘voices’ in

The Voces eTextbook includes text, practice exercises, videos,
audio, games and reportable assessments, all of which can be
accessed through a single portal by teachers and students. Each
student has his or her own login ID number and can practice using
conventional computers and other electronic devices, such as iPads
and smart Phones.

“I keep track of how often students log on and practice,” Señora
Canola said. “Every time they submit an activity I give them extra
credit. It’s very engaging.”

The Voces eTextbook brings learning to life, as it also offers
games, and photos and videos of Spanish speaking countries, she

The award-winning content in the Voces eTextbook series has been
recognized by the Association of Educational Publishers. For more
information, visit the Classroom Voces website.


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