Soccer official life saved by coach and bystanders

On Friday, Oct. 2, a soccer official collapsed on the field during a junior varsity game. The junior varsity coach immediately called 911 while the other official and a bystander evaluated the official’s condition and began CPR. CPR was continued until MobileMedic, a paid ambulance service arrived, with paramedics who began advanced life support. The official was transported to Orange Regional Medical Center for initial care which is standard protocol. He was later transferred to another hospital for cardiac surgery and is expected to recover.

The successful outcome for this official would not have been possible without the “Chain of Survival” which includes early access to the emergency medical system, early CPR, rapid defibrillation, advanced life support and post cardiac arrest care. For more information go to the American Heart Association website. To ask about taking a CPR course contact AHA instructor Ralph Bressler.

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