Science Olympiad team first in small schools

On Saturday, February 3, the Liberty HS Science Olympiad Team traveled to Ulster County Community College to participate in the New York State Mid-Hudson Region competition. The months of hard work put in by the students paid off as the team placed 11th overall and first in the small schools division.

Each year a dedicated group of students meets to practice for the Science Olympiad, a competition held each spring. Students may build structures or machines to use in the competition or study concepts that may be included in a quiz during the contest. They also learn how to think quickly and adapt so that they can participate in the challenging events at the Olympiad.

The team is coached by LHS science teachers Lucinda Nolan and Gene Madsen. Each Liberty competitor wore a custom designed t-shirt. This year’s shirt was dedicated to the memory of a Science Olympiad Alumni Peter N. Koval who was a major contributor to the Astronomy event.

Listed below are all the team members with their year in school and the number of years they have been participating. Also listed are the events, the students who participated in those events and their place. Check out the picture gallery to see some of the students “in action”.

Team Members


Kelgin Cheh (alt 1 yr)
Ian Cody (3 yrs)
Angelina Fontana (4 yrs)
Rebecca Mielnicki (4 yrs)
Gabriela Nolan (3 yr)
Liang Ouyang (1 yr)
Priya Patel (alt 2 yrs)
Eli Rabadi (1 yr)
Jordan Russo (2yrs)


Tanner Parks (3 yrs)


Nicole Blais (1yr)
Leah Fitzgerald (1 yr)
Gabby Fontana (2yrs)
Jarod Hellerer (1yr)
Gavin Racette (2yrs)


Brooke Nichols (1yr)
John Nolan (1yr)

Mr. Slater’s Class who assisted with Technology

Kelgin Cheh
Marie Lyons
Collin Nietzel
Eli Rabadi
Jon Wilson

Events and Results

Helicopter- Gabby N, Ian, Jon Wilson (14th place)
Hovercraft- John N, Tanner, Marie Lyons (11th place)
Mission Possible- Eli, Rebecca  (10th place)
Mousetrap Vehicle- Gabby N., Jarod H, Kelgin Cheh  (10th place)
Tower- Ian and Tanner (16th place)
Fermi Questions- Rebecca., Jarod  (7th place)
Forensics- Nicole, Angelina  (10th place)
Material Science- Gavin, Jordan  (16th place)
Remote Sensing- Gabby F, Eli  (16th place)
Write It Do It- Gabby N, John  (24th place)
Anatomy and Physiology- Liang, Jordan  (12th place)
Dynamic Planet- Nicole, Gabby F  (12th place)
Game on- Brooke, Gavin  (20th place)
Chemistry Lab- Liang, Jordan  (15th place)
Disease Detective- Gabby F, Leah  (24th place)
Ecology- John, Brooke  (8th place)
Optics- Jarod, Gavin (9th place)
Rocks and Minerals- Gabby N, Angelina  (11th place)
Astronomy-Ian, Tanner  (16th place)
Thermodynamics- Brooke, Leah  (14th place)
Experimental Design- Eli, Angelina, Rebecca  (15th place)
Herpetology- Nicole, Gavin  (17th place)
Microbe Mission- Leah, Liang  (16th place)