Scholar athlete teams announced

The New York State Public High School Athletic Association acknowledges student-athletes during the fall, winter and spring seasons. A team is recognized if the GPA of 75% of the members of the team is 90 or greater. The team receives a certificate. In addition, all members of a team whose GPA is 90 or greater receive a pin to acknowledge their accomplishment.
(A * indicates a student whose average was 90 or above.)


Boys Indoor Track


Barbato, Isaiah*
Campos, Miguel
Cardenas, Steven
Cohen, Michael*
Cuellar, Anthony
Cuellar, Michael
Greco, Joseph
Jandik, Joseph*
Jandik, Richard*
Juarez, Carlos*
Kratz, Dustyn*
Ramirez, Christopher*
Raymond, Kevin
Russo, Jordan*
Sinceno, Ayden

Girls Indoor Track


Blais, Nicole*
Brooks, Kristen
DeFrank, Alison*
Fleischman, Sydneigh*
Goetz, Jessalyn*
Kleinberger, Sarah*
Manzi, Ysabel
Nolan, Gabriela*
Raynor, Jordan*
Riley, Alexandra*
Roth, Brianna*
Roth, Brooke*
Schiff, Dara*
Smith, Sierra*
Zilles, Leanna*

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