Road work to impact traffic at Middle/High School

The Village of Liberty is planning on paving Buckley Street and West Street sometime next week. While the road work is being completed, the Middle and High School campus will only be available via Willey Avenue.

This will also impact our pick up and drop off procedures for our summer programs at the Buckley Street campus.

All traffic will enter the car lane in front of the high school. Buses will continue to the middle school lot to drop off and pick up students. Parents and guardians who are dropping off students will park in the high school to drop off and pick up their students. All traffic will exit via the high school exit lane.

Traffic to the district office will enter via Willey Avenue and may proceed to the district office parking lot as normal.

A police officer will be directing traffic at the campus entrance at Willey Avenue and Buckley Street, and staff will be assisting in the lots, during pick up and drop off time

At this time we are not sure what day or days the road work will be underway, but we will put this traffic pattern into place starting Friday, July 12, and it will remain in effect until the roadwork is complete.