Renovations at the high school are still underway

The district’s capital project work at the high school is steadily moving forward and we’re happy to announce that renovated and reorganized classrooms in the music, art and guidance wing will open at start of the 2017-18 school year, and the entire project should be completed by the end of November.

In fact, we’re right on schedule. Our faculty, staff and students deserve a lot of credit. You’ve put up with some dust, dirt and noise and taken it all in stride; that really has helped the work move quickly.

Renovations began last March with caulk removal and window replacement and kicked into high gear at the end of June. Workers from Turner Construction Company will continue to work round the clock until Sept. 6. After that, they will continue their work after school hours to ensure minimal disruptions to regular school operations or to community members who use district facilities.

As a refresher, here’s a look at the work behind done:

Exterior Structure:
– Replace/repair high school building envelope: crumbling brick work, exterior walls, facade and windows.
– Renovate classrooms impacted by wall replacement.

Interior Structure:
– Replace auditorium ventilation, lighting and house lighting systems (circa 1960s), which are past their useful life and/or dangerously antiquated.
– Replace the gym bleachers and air handler unit, which do not meet accessibility standards and have malfunctioning parts that are worn beyond repair.

– Renovate Guidance Office to a larger, renovated suite to provide adequate privacy for confidential discussions and space for computer-based guidance resources.

Art and Music Classrooms:
– Renovate the space available for art classes, storage and graphic design technology for optimal use of limited staff.
– Renovate choral and art classrooms, allowing the art department to expand

– Upgrade technology infrastructure.