LMS Read-A-Thon funds will go toward Carnival Day

The Liberty Schools PTA is once again hosting the Liberty Middle School Read-A-Thon. Proceeds from the event will be used toward the school’s Carnival Day in June.

All students are strongly encouraged to participate. Students are asked to pledge their participation and return their reading logs in a timely fashion, as minutes and money raised will earn them points and prizes.

Participants will be eligible to receive credits for the upcoming BOGO Scholastic Book Fair. Participants will also be entered in a drawing for a special lunch with guest author Charles R. Smith Jr. The student who earns the most money will win a Kindle e-reader.

The Read-A-Thon ends April 11.

For more information about the middle school’s Read-A-Thon, please contact athalmann@libertyk12.org. Students and their parents will be given information to review at home.