Proposed budget maintains programs, upgrades technology

On Tuesday, May 15, residents will head to the polls to vote on a $48,849,113 proposed budget for the 2018-19 school year. This proposed budget presents an increase in spending of $2,936,104 (or 6.40 percent) over the current year’s budget. If approved, it would result in a 2.71 percent tax levy increase in the coming year – below the district’s maximum allowable tax levy limit as calculated under the state’s “tax cap” formula.

Maintaining financial stability

The proposed budget maintains all existing academic programs, establishes startup funds for the creation of an elementary after-school program, and creates positions for a K-8 music teacher; an elementary Academic Intervention Services (AIS) teacher; and a second School Resource Officer position.

Upgrading technology

If approved, the 2018-19 budget would bring several technological advancements to the district. Below is a summary.

  •  All classrooms would be outfitted with a new interactive 4K SmartBoard, a New PC and Document Camera.
  • Personal Computer for labs in the middle and high school would replaced
  • Two iMacs in the middle and high school would be replaced.
  • The district would purchase equipment needed to provide MakerSpace labs elementary and middle schools. The middle school lab would have state of the art equipment capable of making high end designs.
  • The district would have a significant increase in the capabilities of its internal network.  The technology department would begin providing 10GB access to all switch rooms providing more bandwidth for students.
  • The district hopes to improve and increase the capabilities of its computer and network security.  If the budget is approved, the district would implementing a new cyber security system and an enhanced web filtering system.
  • The employee badge system would be upgraded.
  • Door alarms would be installed in the elementary school.
  • The district would purchase an additional hundred iPads.
  • The technology department would upgrade its physical server RAM in effort to provide quicker response times on the computer and iPads.
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